neon pink pickled turnips

These delightfully neon pink pickles are a Middle Eastern speciality and a staple in all Middle Eastern households. They are served with falafel, madjadura, humus, kebabs and roast meat or as nibbles with drinks and olives I even put them in salads and sandwiches. They taste salty and vinegary with the flavours that you add to the jar.


Makes about 1 large jar


2 cloves of garlic chopped

2 tablespoons of salt

2 bay leaves

2 pounds of turnips

1 little fresh beetroot

1 cup of white wine vinegar

3 cups of water



In a small pan combine the water, salt and bay leaves. On a low heat stir till the salt is dissolved, set aside to cool then add the vinegar.

Peel the turnips and beetroot and cut into batons, about the size of a medium sized chip. To the jar, add the turnips, beetroot and the garlic then pour in the cooled pickling liquid. Leave for five days in a cool place to ferment. Then refrigerate. They will last a month in the fridge.

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