vegan burrito tortillas with avocado

I know… all the best bits of a burrito with the best bits of a tortilla. So you have crispy fried tortillas with charred corn and avocado with my pink pickled onions and Mexican refried beans. These are perfect as a canapé, a TV snack or a starter. I tried these out at a dinner party and no one noticed that they were vegan. You can buy a can of refried beans but my recipe for them is so much nicer and is on the blog in the vegan bit of the blog menu, just remember to start making them the day before as the beans need to be soaked overnight. The same goes for the pink pickled onions recipe as it also needs to made the day before. These are colourful, tasty crunchy and good for you.


Enough for 4 people.

1 ripe avocado
A small tin of sweet corn, drained
Tortillas, I buy the gluten free corn ones
2 limes juiced
A few tiny tomatoes
A sprig of fresh coriander
Sriracha sauce
A small tub of dairy free yogurt
A splash of olive oil
My refried beans
My pink pickled onions


Firstly dry fry the sweet corn in a non stick frying pan till golden and toasted. Set aside.
Next cut the tortillas into smaller rounds with a cookie cutter, you can leave them as they are if you prefer. Now fry them in the frying pan with a little olive oil until starting to get golden and set aside to cool.
Cut the avocado in half and remove the stone and peel. Cut into tiny cubes. Mix gently with the lime juice in a bowl.
Place the tortillas out on a big tray in a single layer. Put a teaspoonish size spoon of the refried beans on each one and squash down with the spoon the spread it out. Layer each tortilla with the avocado cubes, then the toasted sweet corn and a few pieces of the drained pink pickled onions.
Lastly drizzle with a little yogurt and a little sriracha and finish off with a coriander leaf.
Eat straight away.

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