healthy matchstick fries

Fries are one of the best things in life. And these fries only take about five minutes to fry. They are healthier because they are fried in coconut oil, which doesn’t become toxic at high temperatures. I use mild coconut oil which has no taste or smell, so you get a proper chip flavour. You can use olive oil too and it’s still healthier than damaged fats, it’s really up to you, they will still taste fab. I usually serve mine with Maldon sea salt, but they are also perfect as a snack or with salads and as garnish on top of curries, tartines, in sandwiches or with whatever you fancy. My favourite kind of food.


1-2 large potatoes per person (high starch ones work best, like Russet)
Mild coconut oil, 1 jar
Maldon sea salt

Firstly, peel the potatoes and cut carefully into matchsticks (mine are a bit larger than real match sticks, but it’s up to you) they do, however, need to be the same size, otherwise they won’t cook evenly.
Place them in a bowl of water with a big pinch of salt in it.  The salt removes some of the starch which means they won’t stick together when you fry them. Leave them soaking for at least 10 minutes.
Meanwhile, in a large heavy bottomed pan or frying pan, put enough oil in to be about half an inch deep. Heat the oil to a high heat.
Drain the potato sticks and dry gently on a tea towel.
Put a handful of them into the hot oil and fry them till they are golden brown, about five minutes, depending on the size you make them.
Remove with a slotted spoon and drain them on a clean tea towel.
Repeat this until you have cooked them all.
Serve with salt, ketchup, vinegar, fried eggs, baked beans or whatever you like with chips.

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