scorched or roasted sourdough toast

Toast is one of the best things ever. And this is one of the tastiest way of cooking bread and is so fantastic and crammed with flavour that when I gave it to Ralph to try he was as bowled over as I was. I like it even more than normal toast, which is, of course, a brilliant invention, but if you are going down the non-dairy route and you want your bread to be just as scrumptious as toast with butter, slices of bread roasted or scorched in a dry pan with a light spray of oil and a sprinkling of Maldon sea salt are ruddy marvellous.  If you roast it, it becomes like a giant crunchy crouton, which can be the basis for a tartine or any breakfast where you have toast. (I have also put fried mushrooms on it as a starter) This is also a great way to make bread tasty without adding butter or margarine. So it’s perfect for dairy free and vegan diets. Go on try it, you will still like toast, but not as much.


Sourdough bread slices
A spritz of oil (I use mild coconut oil which has no taste or flavour and doesn’t become toxic when heated to high temperatures but you can use olive oil, if you prefer) I sometimes use the olive oil that comes in a spray
Salt, I use Maldon flakes



Heat a frying pan up that is big enough for at least two pieces of bread.
Spray or brush the bread with the oil. Dry fry for a few minutes each side until the bread is going darkish brown… I like it quite scorched.

Heat the oven up to 200°C. Put the bread slices straight onto the oven rack and roast till going golden and crunchy. It will take about 6 minutes.

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