Gothenburg sandwich

This is a big open sandwich which is a traditionally Swedish and famously supposed to be one of the most delicious sandwiches in the world. It really is a tasty prawn salad on a small slice of rye bread with mayonnaise but it’s got lots of fresh flavours from the dill, lemon and pickled onions and cucumber. If you are low carbing, you can omit the bread. It can also be topped with a spoon of lumpfish.

It’s delicious and just an assembly job after you have made the pickled onion and cucumber the day before.



500g cooked prawns drained if thawed from frozen

2-3 eggs hard boiled, peeled and sliced

Pickled cucumber or ribbons of cucumber cut with a potato peeler

Pink pickled onions

Lettuce finely chopped

Small sprig of dill

2 Rye bread slices (I prefer it toasted)

half a cup of good quality mayonnaise

Thin radish slices (optional)

Lemon slices for squeezing



Make the pickled cucumber and pickled onions the day before.

Place the bread on a serving plate or plates and spread the mayonnaise over each slice. Next place the slices of egg on the bread in a single layer and then the radish slices if using. Pile the prawns on top like a little mountain. Garnish with the pickled cucumber,  pink onions and pluck bits of dill from the stalks and sprinkle over the top. Serve with the lemon wedges and salt and pepper to taste.

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