beetroot salad with pistachios

Apart from being very pretty, this beetroot salad tastes amazing. It’s from the fab cookbook Many Greek Kitchens by Tessa Kiros which is stuffed with brilliant recipes and pictures. I served this at a dinner party with other salads, fries and roast fish, but you could also serve it as part of a mezze. It’s fresh creamy sweet and crunchy, my favourite things.


Serves 4-6 but you can halve the quantities for 2


2  packets of cooked vacuum packed beetroot in natural juices
3 tablespoons of good olive oil
juice of half a lemon
2  garlic cloves minced
1 1/3 cups of Greek yogurt or plant based yogurt
A small handful of chopped pistachios



Slice the drained beetroot into rounds and put into a bowl. In another bowl mix the yogurt, lemon juice and olive oil till you have a mayonnaisey consistency then season with salt and pepper.
Gently stir this into the beetroot being careful not to break up the beetroot. Scatter the pistachios on top and serve. The longer you leave it the pinker the sauce will get.

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