preserved lemons

Preserved lemons are a key ingredient in Moroccan cooking. The Moroccans put them in tagines and salads. They become sweet and mellow after pickling and are a sort of tangy condiment, pepping up the flavour of anything you stick them in. You only need a small amount finely chopped but according to John Gregory-Smith in his Moroccan cookbook Orange Blossom and Honey, you can also cut a slice and put it in your martini. Lemons are really healthy too, and good for your immune system, liver function, eyes and is the only food in the world that is anionic, which makes them really beneficial to your health.

1 sterilised jar
4 unwaxed lemons
7 tablespoons of salt


Boil the lemons for about 10-12 minutes until softened, and leave to cool in the water.
Using a paring knife, score each lemon four times lengthwise.
Mix the salt into the cooking water, place the lemons in the jar and add the salty cooking water to the top.
Seal and place in the fridge for two weeks.
They will become soft lemony taste bombs, so you only need a small amount when you add them to your recipes.

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