healthy raspberry sorbet

Raspberry sorbet always reminds me of summer holidays in France with my family when I was little. And when I eat it now in all its jewel red gorgeousness I am transported back to places we visited there and adored. Anyway, ices have always been my favourite thing, my Italian grandfather made Gelato so it’s in my blood.
This raspberry sorbet doesn’t need an ice cream machine and is made with raw raspberries that have been frozen and the only other ingredients are lemon juice and maple syrup, so it’s raw and low glycemic and really easy to make. I usually get a punnet of raspberries and stick them on a plate so they are separated as much as possible from each other and them bung them in the freezer till rock hard or over night, alternatively you can buy a punnet or bag of already frozen raspberries.


Makes about 1/3 litre.

300g or one punnet of frozen raspberries
1 tablespoon of lemon juice
1/2 to 3/4 of a cup of maple syrup


Place the frozen raspberries, lemon juice and maple syrup in a food processor and whizz up till really smooth. (Time is of the essence here because you don’t want the mixture to warm up otherwise you won’t get a softer scoop after its frozen). You also need to make sure all the raspberries are pulverised.
At this stage you can put it straight into a container and freeze it to firm up if you don’t mind the raspberry pips. But if you want it smoother you can very quickly push it through a big sieve with a wooden spoon or spatula into a container that has been frozen in the freezer for an hour before hand.
Then quickly put it in the freezer. You can serve it when it’s just started to firm up but it is still softish in about a couple of hours.
It should stay fairly scoopable in the freezer but if it doesn’t take it out of the freezer twenty minutes before serving.


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