quick watermelon sorbet

This sorbet tastes like the best watermelon you have ever tasted. It is really easy to make and doesn’t need an ice cream maker. My friends love it and if you love watermelon, you will too. I have taken David Lebovitz’s water melon sorbet recipe and tweaked it so it was quicker and easier to make, so you can spend more time on your sun lounger.

Makes half a litre.

3 cups approx. of fresh watermelon cut into pieces without the skin or black pips (white pips are okay)
½ cup of maple syrup or sugar
Big pinch of salt
1 tablespoon freshly squeezed lime juice
1-2 tablespoons vodka (or gin)
About 4 tablespoons of grape juice(might not be needed)


Put the watermelon pieces on a sheet of tin foil in one layer and put in the freezer until frozen solid or over night.
Into a food processor put all the ingredients in, except the grape juice and blitz until it looks like pink snow, this takes a few minutes. If at this stage it starts to look smooth like sorbet, don’t add any more liquid, if it’s still snow like, add the grape juice slowly till the mixture is super smooth and sorbet like, but not runny.  Serve straight away or freeze till needed. The sorbet will stay scoopable from the freezer for at least a couple of days.


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