pumpkin ravioli

Pumpkin ravioli is one of the most delicious things ever and worth the effort. It is a labour of love but the flavours are sublime. The pumpkin is slightly sweet and combines so well with the delicious flavours from the nutmeg and sage. It’s a great starter to a dinner party or as a main meal with a salad and a glass of wine and perfect for a dinner date.

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red onion tart with anchovies

This onion tart is based on the French Pissaladière tart from Nice that is made with pizza dough. It’s delicious for dinner with a crispy green salad. You can put more or less of the onion mixture on depending on your taste. The Niçoise like a lot of onion, I like it both ways…btw if you press on pizza dough below it will take you straight through to the dough recipe.

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pink date night pasta

What to serve at Valentine’s dinner for your darling that is homemade and original… Pale pink pasta, made with beetroot juice for the colour and with fresh eggs for the taste. Team this up with any of my crab linguine, truffle carbonara, midnight spaghetti recipes and you have the perfect romantic dinner. The pasta, when cooked, goes the most beautiful shade of pale rose pink and looks pretty and tastes sublime with a fab texture. This recipe is perfect if you want to spoil your squeeze…or guests. Buon appetito.

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pizza or pizzetta dough

This pizza dough is from the Polpo cookbook and it can be made in advance and frozen in balls. If you do freeze them, make sure they are frozen separately then bagged up once frozen. Thaw thoroughly before using., it only takes an hour or so, depending on the size of the ball. You can use two balls if you are making pizza or one for a pizzetta. It’s brilliant for making fresh flatbreads and Manouche too.

1 x 7 g sachet of fast acting yeast
300 ml tepid water
500 g strong white flour (but you can use any plain flour if that’s all you have)
2 teaspoons of fine salt
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil


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